The Heart Gift of Personal Encouragement

“…everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of the Scriptures we might have hope.”

                                                                              -Romans 15:4

May this beautiful and glorious sunset photo I captured at Ventura Harbor Beach inspire you to BELIEVE that there is a wonderful Creator God of the universe Who, from His own  heart gave us the greatest gift of HOPE:

His Own Son,

His Own Word,

      His Own Personal Encouragement.



“His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature..”

The Bible, which is God’s inspired Word, holds a treasure storehouse of over 8,000 precious promises. I joyfully embrace them for a hope-filled and joy-filled abundant life!

Dear God,

You gave me this simple, but powerful and true message to share with the world.  May you open the spiritual eyes of all who read this post or hear this message that I eagerly and joyfully am delighted to share for your honor and glory.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

I say this blessing of Scripture for those who receive this message and embrace it:

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” -Romans 15:13




God bless you!

With Love from,

“Bea” Joy Christianna B

                                                                                                                                                                                     #brandstorychallenge #day10

Christmas in July! Better Yet…Christmas 365 Days a Year!

Enjoy a "Christmas in July" Christmas Card as we Celebrate Christmas 365 Days a Year with Faith, Hope, Love & Family

Enjoy a “Christmas in July” Christmas Card as we Celebrate Christmas 365 Days a Year with Faith, Hope, Love & Family

Cookies for Christmas 365 Days a Year (although these cookies are eaten in two days LOL!)

Cookies for Christmas 365 Days a Year (although these cookies are eaten in two days LOL!)

A Christmas "JOY" Cookie Heart ready to be wrapped and tied with curling ribbon!

A Christmas “JOY” Cookie Heart ready to be wrapped and tied with curling ribbon!

I’ve always wanted to celebrate “Christmas in July” and yet another July has flown by! (Seems very much like how the month of December whizzes by when celebrating the holidays in winter.) There’s a part of me that has wanted to celebrate Christmas during summer, just as those in Australia do, but not just because I still long, with a huge laugh, to get Christmas cards mailed out early (or at least on time)…but simply because Christmas truly is my favorite celebration. Everything about the meaning and celebration of Christmas warms my heart.

The summer heat is up, air conditioning is turned high, and families who’ve actually taken time to celebrate “Christmas in July” have likely expressed their yearning for not only cooler weather, but have likely fulfilled their desires to gather with friends and loved ones. They’ve also likely enjoyed festive foods, and have embraced all that brings joy into their lives— maybe they’ve even sung a carol or two for making merry-hearted fun. That’s what I’d do for a “Christmas in July” celebration. Sing and make a joyful noise singing “Joy to the World!” and of course “Jingle Bells!”

What I really love about Christmas, whether it’s celebrated in December or July, is the excitement that builds up to what we all know as “the night before Christmas” kind of feelings— that sense of knowing there are surprises ahead, but you can’t find out or know what kind of surprises until Christmas morning arrives. For kids, it’s that feeling of wonder—an excited anticipation and longing to know what special gift(s) they will find the next morning sitting under the tree.  Around the world, as Christmas morning finally arrives and celebrations take place honoring the true meaning of Christmas, Believers joyously celebrate the gift of HOPE given to all of mankind from God’s very own heart—the gift of His Son Jesus, the Savior of the world, born the very first Christmas morning in Bethlehem.

I recently came across a Scripture verse that expresses the feelings I hold in my heart each night as I go to bed, and every morning as I awake—feelings similar to those “night before Christmas” feelings of eager anticipation:

“My soul yearns for you in the night; in the morning my spirit longs for you.”
Isaiah 26:9a

When I read that verse, I said “Yes! That’s exactly how I feel!” It’s this longing of my heart that I can hardly wait to wake up and seek treasures to behold from within God’s Word and in time spent with Him.

In my journey of faith, walking day-by-day with my intimate, personal friend, and Savior, Jesus, I have come to this decision in the deepest parts of my heart that I am not limited to celebrating Christmas just in December and July. Christ is alive and reigns so fully and powerfully in my heart that I am free to joyously celebrate Him—the gift that He is to me—every day of the year, 365 days of the year to be exact, and share Him as the gift that He is meant to be for the whole world. To go out into the world and make Him known is no joke—it’s an urgent mission upon my heart that I won’t take for granted as I eagerly anticipate His return to earth. To share my dear friend Jesus with those who don’t yet know Him personally is a privilege because I’m introducing my dearest, my most loyal, trustworthy, loving, faithful friend. It’s what I am called to do so that many more souls can enjoy Him personally, just as I do, in all the goodness of God now and into eternity.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16 NIV

Dear God,
Just like that exciting feeling of “the night before Christmas” I have longed for you in the night, and even as I awake. You are the gift, the treasure I seek each new day. I can hardly wait for what you want to share with me, and teach me—through your Word, through gentle whispers, through people you place in my path, and through creation as I enjoy all you’ve made. I open my heart and my hands to receive the abundant blessings you are longing to pour out over me and my family 365 days of the year even in the days that are challenging. I thank you for each new day to walk and talk with you, to trust your promises made to me, to know you more intimately, and to see You all around me in all the ways You choose to whisper Your great love for me as we fellowship together. I wish for and want the whole world to know you, Jesus, because Dear God, you mean everything and are everything to me! I love You! And for my brothers and sisters-in-Christ who already trust in you and know you, may you use me to encourage and inspire them to seek you even more passionately and to know you more deeply in ways they’ve never experienced you before.
My Whole Heart is Yours,
Your “Bea” Joy  

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I’m praying that would God bless you! May you behold the treasure and the gift that Jesus is meant to be in your life because God truly loves you. Join me in boldly proclaiming the Good News of HOPE found in Jesus! Feel free to share the link to my blog with those you know who might need an encouraging word of HOPE, some inspiration or a little joy in their life:
Merry Christmas 365 days of the year! Joy to the World! The Lord has come! Let Earth Receive Her King!    Love to you  from “Bea” Joy Christianna Baldoz

A Beautiful Mom, A Beautiful Garden, and Beautiful Gifts God Gives!

Hello there!  It’s “Bea” Joy and I’m writing because I feel inspired after a lovely weekend celebrating my beautiful mom in a beautiful garden, and appreciating beautiful gifts that God gives.  I hope you’ll savor reading this new post with vibrant-color photos I’ve included for your enjoyment.   I’m encouraging you to take a little break with me today, and have a little joy in your life:)  (If you take that literally because my name is “Joy”—I actually am petite at just under 5 feet tall, LOL!  So as long as you follow my blog, you’ll always have a “little joy” in your life:)  

Feel free to sip your most refreshing summer beverage as I share my thoughts. And friend, if at the end of this post you feel a little inspired by hope and/or inspired to live more joyfully in the days ahead, I’d love to know how you’ve been touched through my blog. My calling and destiny in life is to share HOPE with the world as “Bea” — a “blessed bringer of joy”.

Happy, Hope-filled, Joyful Summer Days to YOU and your loved ones!


My beautiful, beloved mom just turned 80-years old on Saturday, June 28th, and it was a picture perfect day to celebrate her milestone birthday in a lovely garden-setting!  My mom, Leonor,  has been blessed with a long life and I’m thankful to God I can still honor her and enjoy her presence here on earth.  Her name, Leonor, actually means “light,”  and I think you’ll agree with me—she looks absolutely radiant, like a bright light, in the photos taken of her just before she blew out her birthday candles placed on her adorable pink and blue hydrangea-looking cupcake bouquets!

My beautiful Mom smiling with her cupcake bouquets--YES real cupcakes made to look like hydrangea flowers in terra cotta flower pots! My friend Chanda has just inspired me to start learning how to make them.  (She made these ones for my mom.  Thanks Chanda! XOXO!)

Here she is— my beautiful mom smiling with her cupcake bouquets—YES real cupcakes made to look like hydrangea flowers arranged in terra cotta flower pots.  My mom was so delighted to receive these!  NOTE:  I didn’t make these cupcake bouquets for my mom.  A gal named Chanda from my church did!  Thanks Chanda for beautiful creations and wonderful inspiration! My husband, Lord-willing, turns 50 in two years.  He says that between now and then, there’s plenty of time for me to learn how to make a cupcake bouquet for him:) LOL!  Shall I make his a gold-colored bouquet for his 50th? LOL!

My mom’s milestone birthday has helped me remember I don’t know how many years I’ll have on earth.  But I do pray according to God’s Word in Psalm 90:12 that God would personally teach me to “number my days” so that I would “gain a heart of wisdom.”  Do you, like me, need or want more wisdom from God?  I know I need and want more wisdom especially as I grow older!  I know God is gracious and generous, and He helps me realize I can grow to be more wise;  my kids and potential future generations of grandkids down the road will look to me to have wisdom that comes from above.   I’m just now reminded what is said in the book of James 1:5 ESV “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.”  

So why not ask for wisdom now, right?  Let’s do it! For I need wisdom fulfilling my roles as a wife, mom, friend and neighbor.  If you need wisdom, join me in this prayer below:

Dear Lord,  I ask for wisdom in all the areas I am lacking wisdom.  And if there is anyone else reading this blog post, and they want wisdom too, please grant it to them as well, for all areas of their life.  I’m trusting your word right now that you will give it generously because I am/we are asking. Thank You, In Jesus Name!  I also ask that you would bless me as I continue honoring my mom in this lifetime. I’m clinging to your promise that you desire to bless me with long life by honoring your command:  “Honor you father and mother” (this is the first commandment with a promise), “that it may go well with you and that you may live long in the land.”  (Ephesians 6:2-3 ESV)

DSC_0141IMG_8393 IMG_8396

The few months prior to my mom’s birthday I had set out to find the most perfect outdoor garden to have a celebration.  My prayer and hope was to bless her with a surprise party and have her be surrounded by family and a few close friends. I chose a garden theme because gardening is one of my mom’s passions—she enjoys the beauty of flowers so much I wanted to honor her in a setting that would delight her heart. I am so thankful God led me to the most perfect location—back to a very special garden where I had brought my own children to enjoy when they were very young: The Kids Adventure Garden at The Conejo Valley Botanic Garden in Thousand Oaks— right in my own hometown in California.  This garden is for kids of ALL ages 0 to 199!


My sister Grace and I sure did surprise our mom!  See how surprised she looks here in these photos!


All the guests hid throughout the garden.   They shouted “Surprise!” after I said the “code words”….”Mom, look at the pretty red flowers!”



Sitting in the Kids Adventure Garden the day after her memorable party, I’ve taken time to reflect and thank God for the beautiful day He blessed us with.  I’m posting several pictures of our lovely day for you to enjoy.  (I wish I could post all my photos, but I’ll have to provide a separate link for that later.)

Many of the guests who attended wore lovely hats and participated in “The Hat” contest.

Contestants in The Hat Contest awaiting their turn to present their favorite summer hat

Contestants in The Hat Contest awaiting their turn to present their favorite summer hat

Hannah "rolled up" her cool summer hat to show everyone how convenient it is to carry her favorite summer hat wherever she goes!  (That was one cool hat!) Thanks Hannah!

Hannah W. “rolled up” her cool summer hat to show everyone how convenient it is to carry her favorite summer hat wherever she goes! (That was one cool hat!) Thanks Hannah!

My dear friend's beautiful daughter presenting her special hat. She said it's special because her mom gave it to her:) Awww!

My dear friend’s beautiful daughter presenting her special hat. She said her hat is special because her mom gave it to her:) Awww!

My Sis-in-law presenting her hat to my mom...and she even GAVE her hat to my mom!

My Sis-in-law presenting her hat to my mom…and she even GAVE her hat to my mom!

Hugs from my mom to my Sis-in-law for blessing my mom with her hat during the contest

Hugs from my mom to my Sis-in-law for blessing my mom with her hat during the contest.  In this case, my mom was so delighted and surprised by Margie!  LOL— we all witnessed that a little bribery does work!

Guess who won the hat contest?

The Winner of The Hat Contest, Margie, receiving a Gift Card to "The Hat" restaurant (famous for Chili Cheese Fries and Pastrami Sandwiches!)  Margie really wanted a jackfruit instead, but it was decided ahead of time that whoever won The Hat contest won the The Hat gift card

The Winner of The Hat Contest, my sister-in-law, Margie, receiving a Gift Card to “The Hat” restaurant —famous for Chili Cheese Fries and Pastrami Sandwiches!  “The Hat” Gift card was intended to be funny as a prize for The Hat contest:)  Maybe Margie doesn’t think it’s funny?

All of us played a game answering trivia questions about my mom, and each guest was also asked to guess the weight of a giant jackfruit placed in the garden. Unfortunately, the massive jackfruit wasn’t ripe enough to cut open and enjoy the day of our celebration, but I brought the jackfruit in remembrance of my last happy memory made with my dad on March 3, 2013. Back then on that date, we had cut open a giant jackfruit and enjoyed the very sweet fruit together just days before God took my dear dad to his heavenly home. Having the jackfruit present at my mom’s party delighted my heart with that happy memory of being together with my father. My mom appeared to be delighted when she saw the huge jackfruit.  From my heart, it was one symbolic sweet way to honor my mom and remember sweet thoughts of my dad.

Massive Jackfruit weighing over 18 pounds!

Massive Jackfruit weighing over 18 pounds!

Another special highlight of my mom’s surprise party was what I called “Words of Blessings” —a special time where anyone who felt led could share words to bless my mom. I expressed to my mom that in planning her surprise party, I ultimately wanted to honor God by honoring His commandment in Exodus 20:12 “Honor your father and mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.” My dad was 4 and a half  months shy of turning 80 when his address was changed to the location of his heavenly home.  At my mom’s party, I could not help but also make it a day including thoughts of my dad.

I revealed to my mom and all the guests that just an hour before heading to The Kids Adventure Garden to set up for her party, I had been shopping at Smart & Final to pick up some fresh strawberries. I shared that someone who I had just met in the store handed me a single giant sunflower surrounded by other flower accents. It was a beautiful arrangement of flowers that I never expected— such a surprise blessing to receive such a gift! I’m still so grateful!

These are the flowers given to me by a stranger while shopping for strawberries at Smart & Final the morning of my mom's birthday.

Here I am holding the flowers given to me by a stranger the morning of my mom’s birthday.

Bright yellow sunflowers have such a significant meaning to me as they often remind me of a couple of things: 1) my dad’s bright, jovial spirit 2) my dad’s Celebration of Life Memorial in which I used sunflowers as the décor for his celebration, and 3) I am reminded through the gift and beauty of sunflowers to have HOPE—to keep looking to The Son, God’s Son.

A fact about sunflowers is that while they are growing, they always face the direction of the sun for maximum growth. I’m reminded that in order to keep growing in my relationship with God, and to stay hopeful, bright and radiant (even when circumstances happening around me might at times seem dismal, hopeless or challenging) I must intentionally keep looking to God’s SON, to trust in Him and His Living Word for daily encouragement. God’s Word is my ultimate source of HOPE.

While I was certainly delighted to receive the bouquet with sunflower on the very day planned to honor my mother and my late father— I was more delighted to share the bouquet with my mom, rather than keeping it for myself. Ultimately I felt prompted by God’s Spirit during the “Words of Blessings” sharing time that the bouquet was really meant for me to give to my mom— an encouragement for her to keep looking to The Son (God’s Son) and The promises made in His Word all the rest of the days of her life —so that she might continue to have hope for the future ahead.

My dear husband, daughters and I with my lovely mom—all smiles on a beautiful day!

My dear husband, daughters and I with my lovely mom—all smiles on a beautiful day!

My Sister Grace and her lovely daughters with my mom

My Sister Grace and her lovely daughters with my mom

I’m still wondering what prompted that stranger to give me a bouquet of flowers with the most beautiful sunflower I had ever seen.  I won’t know fully until I get to Heaven what prompted her to do this for me on that particular day and with that particular bouquet. This most perfect gift was so meaningful and delightfully personal to me.  With a joyful smile, I’ll continue to thank God for the many beautiful gifts of encouragement He pours out to me on a daily basis…sometimes even through strangers!

Here are some inspirational and pretty garden-themed gift bags I picked up for my mom’s party.

I'm reminded through this gift bag that beautiful flowers do brighten people's lives...and encourages us to always have HOPE!

I’m reminded that beautiful flowers do brighten people’s lives. Enjoying flowers God Himself creates can encourage us to always have HOPE!   I’ve pondered this as I’ve looked closely at flowers: Since the One true God of the Universe has power to create detailed, beautiful, amazing flowers, I can trust He has power to help me get through life!  He cares for every detail of my life and wants me to bloom where I am planted!

This Gift Bag reminds us to SMILE....because no matter what....God loves YOU!  You're on earth for a live life to the full!

This Gift Bag reminds us to SMILE….because no matter what….God loves us! He loves me! He loves YOU! (You’re on earth for a purpose…to live life to the full according to His plans and purposes He has in mind for YOU!)

This Gift Bag is a reminder that YOUR Life is a Gift!  And God has given the Whole World The BEST Gift...The Hope of Eternal Life through faith and trust in His Son!

This Gift Bag has a helpful reminder that YOUR Life is a Gift! And ultimately, God has given the Whole World—including you— The BEST Gift ever….total and complete forgiveness that comes with repentance of sins, and the hope of eternal Life through child-like faith and trust in His Son.  (Jesus paid for all of our sins on the cross and rose again, so that we could have LIFE!)

Praising the Lord for He is good!  “Every good and perfect gift comes from above, coming down from the Father of heavenly lights,…..” (From James 1:17a)

To all who have started reading, liking and following my blog, may you be richly blessed and encouraged through the very HOPE God has commissioned me to share with the world!

Feel free to leave a comment/reply today, and I’d love it if you’d encourage your friends to check out my blog as well.  For those who do leave a comment, I’ll be carving out a special time of prayer blessing over you and your family.  Let me  know how I can pray for you!

And to my beloved Mom, when you read this post, I hope you will enjoy for many, many more years to come, the happy memory of your 80th birthday surprise at The Kids Adventure Garden.  Always stay young at heart!  I pray we can create many more wonderful memories and smiles together at The Kids Adventure Garden.  I love you mom for you are like the most beautiful rose in the most lovely garden!

Love,  Joy:)

(aka “Bea” Joy Christianna Baldoz, “Blessed Bringer of Joy, passionate Christ-follower”)



One Humble, Faithful Man, The Father of my Children—My Husband, “My belovED”


I am my belovED's and my belovED is mine!

I am my belovED’s and my belovED is mine!

We love because God first loved us!

We love because God first loved us!

The Love of Our 'lil Family

The Love of Our ‘lil Family

LOL! We can be silly and crazy, all in good FUN!

LOL! We can be silly and crazy, all in good FUN!

Don't Worry, Nessa and Hannah, Be Happy! You'll turn out just fine. Hahaha!  (Just blame, Marie, The Photographer, for capturing this silly photo!  We LOVE Marie, The Photographer! XOXO! She's the BEST!)

Don’t Worry, Nessa and Hannah, Be Happy! You’ll turn out just fine. Hahaha!
(Just blame, Marie, The Photographer, for capturing this silly photo!) We really LOVE Marie, The Photographer! XOXO! She’s the BEST!

As Father’s day approaches, I write this in honor of my husband Ed, whom I love to call “My belovED”. My daughters call him their “belovED dear daddy”. (There is an obvious endearing pun with his name “My belovED”) And I smile when he calls me on my iPhone and I see his name appear that way on my phone screen.) I hope he smiles this weekend when he gets a chance to read this blog entry. As I honor my husband, My Heavenly Father is The One prompting me to write this for HIS ultimate glory and honor. May you be blessed and encouraged as you read this post. And may the father or fathers you celebrate be richly blessed in whatever ways you choose to honor them.  Happy Father’s Day Weekend to all Fathers around the world!  (Feel free to let whomever you think might delight in some encouragement or inspiration to follow me at Thanks for your support as I venture out as a new blogger.)
XOXOX, Joy 🙂  (aka “Bea” Joy)

I met him, My belovED, when I was 18 and he was 19. We started out as friends, then college sweethearts, and now we are life-long soul-mates married 20 plus years, committed to stick with each other—through thick and thin and all of life’s ups and owns— ‘til death do us part. Marriage and family matters are never perfect—in this less than perfect world—which thankfully is how real marriages and real families are, but what holds us together in the challenges of life is our foundation built on “The Rock” of our Faith.  We are able to love, because God Himself first loved us! We are committed and know that forever, “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine….” (Scripture is from Song of Songs 6:3a NIV).

I’m prompted to write about My belovED today because of overwhelming gratitude for the gift of my husband—a true heart gift from God. My belovED is kind-hearted, gentle, thoughtful, faithful, very forgiving, and is my best friend whom I can completely confide in; and he totally gets me in every way—even my silly sense of humor with LOTS of puns, which makes our relationship fun. He also works very hard to support our family as best as he can, and five days a week, my husband diligently and responsibly goes to work as the main breadwinner.

This past week has been a little different from this past year in regards to his job. He is facing his greatest challenges as an employee at his current company. His immediate boss just resigned earlier in the week to take on a new position at another company—leaving My belovED facing new tasks and responsibilities.   When his boss had given her 2-week notice earlier in the month, he personally expressed to me some natural anxiety about how everything would be so different without her.

My belovED really appreciated his boss. He expressed recently to me his opinion, that “she was the best boss I ever worked for.”  It was her time to move on this past week, and we truly wish her the best.  With his boss’s resignation, My belovED is understandably slightly anxious, but is clinging to HOPE he has with a positive, forward-thinking outlook. My belovED sees such a time as this to be an opportunity for personal growth, a chance to develop and learn new skills, as well as gain more confidence in leadership and problem solving.  Overall it’s an opportunity for him, he says, to “step up to the plate”.

My belovED has shared with me his heart’s desire to do his job well with all the new responsibilities set before him. He’s human, and humbly realizes the areas in which he will need to develop himself as an employee. His humbleness at times reveals some self-doubting, but I believe in him—that he is most capable to “step up to the plate.”  Most importantly, I believe in HIM (God above) who is able to help My belovED do everything he is meant to do, called to do, and be— for God’s glory.

In my eyes as his wife, I know that any anxiety he has in this season of his career is just due to what I call his desire and pressure (he places upon himself) to do well. I pray over My belovED’s perspective regarding his own value, strength and capabilities. I know in my heart he is valuable, strong and capable to do anything he sets his mind to. What I love about My belovED is that he never thinks more highly of himself than he ought to; and never desires to be spinning wheels to climb the “ladder of success” solely for himself, his own gratification, or for his own glory. He definitely desires to be successful in whatever he does, but not with a heart trying to prove himself in the world’s eyes. I truly admire him— he wants to please God. He inspires me. I do know this—that my husband is grateful to God every day for his job. He’s committed do his work to the best of his ability; and with God’s help, can succeed above and beyond his own ability.

Whenever My belovED ever expresses any desires to succeed or even be considered for a promotion—it’s never for selfish desires. He simply wants to be a responsible employee, and a hard-working husband and father who can provide for the needs of his family. He has shared with me from his heart, “Work is challenging, and sometimes it’s so stressful, but God-willing I will continue to go to work everyday. I will always do my best so that I can take care of you and the girls. That’s all I want to do—take good care of you and the girls. I will take care of you.”

In our home, my husband acknowledges that God has given him this huge responsibility as the head of our home; and being called to provide, he doesn’t take this job lightly. I so admire my husband for his diligence that stems from his heart of love that ultimately wants to please God. As best as he can, My belovED lives out God’s command:

 So then, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you may do, do all for the honor and glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31 Amplified Bible (AMP)

My belovED knows he is being called to greater challenges in a new season of his job, and he realizes that anything he does —even in his attempts to “step up to the plate” requires something —or rather—SOMEONE BIGGER than himself. Every morning, my husband literally says “please remember to pray for me today.”  And in response I pray for supernatural help and favor from God—that God would give him all that he needs each day to make it through. And each day before My belovED heads out the door, never does he fail to express appreciation for my prayers. It is a blessing to hear him say, “Thank you my beautiful wife, my heart’s joy. May God bless you, I love you. Have a blessed day,” as he gives me a hug and kiss good-bye.

As I watched him drive off to work today, I could not help but whisper, “Thank you God, for my humble husband who faithfully goes to work each day because of his great love for you and our family. Please bless and protect him. Please shower him with your favor. I ask this in Your Name.”

Whatever may be your task, work at it heartily (from the soul), as [something done] for the Lord and not for men, knowing [with all certainty] that it is from the Lord [and not from men] that you will receive the inheritance which is your [real] reward. [The One Whom] you are actually serving [is] the Lord Christ (the Messiah). Colossians 3:23-24 Amplified Bible (AMP)

Today, my friend, will you take a moment to thank God for those God has blessed you with? Maybe it’s your husband? Or maybe it’s your boss? Or your children? Maybe for you it might be a simple prayer of thanks for the very job God has given you this day to fulfill. Are you a mom or will soon be a mom? Or maybe you are a boss, an employee, or a student?  Whatever your job or calling is this day, in this life, your days might be filled with challenges, but when we take time each day to give thanks to God for what He has given us or what He has given us to do each day, God will surely be pleased and delighted to hear your voice. And whatever challenges you might be facing in whatever situation you are in, He promises to help you. I encourage you to call on HIM in a simple conversation called “prayer” (which, if you’re new to “prayer” it is just like talking to your best friend. God is my ultimate, best friend and I talk to Him all the time. ) If you’re in a transition phase…maybe unemployed, searching for a job and/or seeking God’s will for what He has planned next—I encourage you to offer a simple sacrifice of thanksgiving and praise for the plans He is willing to unfold to you as you wholeheartedly seek Him.

“…if from there you seek the Lord your God, you will find him if you seek him with all your heart and with all your soul.” Deuteronomy 4:29 NIV

 Always and in closing, I encourage that you can trust God and every promise He has for you— given in His trustworthy Word, The Bible. His precious promises are the very reason I blog—I believe His Living Word is a heart gift from God that I recognize daily and joyfully accept; and all his promises are truly heart gifts of HOPE— the very encouragement we need for living the abundant life we are meant to live, empowered and joyful. May you recognize and receive all the many heart gifts of HOPE he wants to personally bless you with.

Many blessings with an abundance of Heart Gifts of HOPE,

 “Bea” Joy  

(aka “Bea” Joy Christianna Baldoz—”blessed bringer of joy, Christ-follower”)




A “BIRTH” Day Celebration with Heart Gifts of HOPE!

IMG_8098 IMG_8108IMG_8090IMG_8107 Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be. ”  Psalm 139: 16 NIV

God is the most wonderful gift giver I must say!  He gives life and breath as gifts to be cherished.  Sometimes He surprises me with gifts I never expected to receive even on my birthday.  And while my family wanted to celebrate on June 3rd another year of my life,   I wanted to celebrate not MY birth, but the “BIRTH” of something special God had just created that day.   I’d love to share a little bit about it with you, and  I encourage you my friend….maybe grab a cup of tea or your favorite refreshing ice-cold beverage, and may you feel uplifted as you read this blog entry.  (By the way, thank you for coming to my blog, as this is my first official blog entry that I started writing immediately after my birthday dinner celebration.  Hoping I am able to post  with a few pictures as soon as possible. I have lots to learn on the technical side of things as a new blogger, but when inspired I will write and post entries.)

My birthday is now just a reflection of a wonderful, blessed, joyous day gone by and I am grateful for having had another birthday to celebrate!  My sweet husband planned a few surprises for me, including dinner at one of my favorite local Japanese restaurants (Sumo in Newbury Park, CA)…but little did he know that I had a “BIRTH” day surprise announcement that I was excited to share with him!

With colorful mylar balloons in one hand and a card in his other hand, Ed gave me a great big hug while I said, “Today, you might think we are celebrating MY birthday, but today my heart celebrates something new that God birthed just today!”  My husband had a curious, but unsure look, sort of like a half-smile on his face, and even put his hand on my belly (LOL!).  With that gesture I said, “Don’t be silly! Not that kind of surprise! I’ll tell you at dinner!”   On the way to Sumo, I was still laughing in the car, thinking how BIG of a surprise that would be for me if I was actually pregnant at MY age—just say my late 40’s!  (By the way, I’ll make it clear, I am not pregnant.)

I was all smiles as we ordered food, and my husband still had no clue what my surprise “BIRTH” day announcement would be.  Both my teen daughters knew why I was all smiles, and well …I really wanted to be the one to share the news with Ed,  but when Hannah, my youngest said a prayer to give thanks for food that would soon be brought to our table, Hannah ended prayer grace with “and Thank you God for my mom’s new blog.”  My innocent teen, quickly  blurted out “Oops! Uh…Amen!”  My husband smiled, and then I looked at him and said, “You have nooooo idea what I went through today to have a blog set up with customized domain name through WordPress! But YAY! Thanking God it was finally birthed today: !”  Ed shared a hug of congratulations and said “Happy ‘BIRTH’ day!”

It wasn’t an easy birthing process to set up this blog.  Probably more difficult for me personally because I’m not computer or tech savvy.  To me, it was almost like birthing a baby—with lots of pains throughout the day as I spoke to several “tech support” experts. (I call them “Tech Doctors”)  I just couldn’t understand all the computer lingo! Hannah witnessed the birthing process and she knew I just wanted “my baby” (my blog) and the least possible pain to have it.  (Unfortunately, the “Tech Doctors” from WordPress, GoDaddy and Google had no epidural for me! LOL!)

But in the end because of the God I know, serve and love,  and because of promises from Him that He will equip me/provide for me everything I will ever need to accomplish the work (the labor) He has for me to do, I know He helped me birth this website/blog for His purposes.  I can do nothing and have nothing without Him! What a joy this is for me—this “new baby”!   To finally have this blog and my first blog entry for His glory—it’s exciting!  This blog exists because of God’s own loving desire to have me share His very own Heart Gifts of HOPE with the world.  I am simply a mom, called to be an ambassador of Good News.  I am called to share HOPE with JOY.  I am  called to share LIGHT  and LOVE.  God sovereignly orchestrated  June 3rd,  for the birthing of my blog (the official “technical” set up of this site).  His orchestration of this special birth is part of every one of the days that His Word says that He ordained for me.

I look forward to encouraging as many people as He would have me reach with HOPE and JOY that He gives me (despite even sometimes being in the midst of the most difficult circumstances I face or have faced.).   You must know that my life is not/has not always been a piece of birthday cake, red roses,  and colorful mylar balloons!  But I do have HOPE and JOY in my heart that no one can steal from me because of God’s heart gifts of HOPE He grants me daily through His Living Promises, His Word to me.  In this blog, may you be touched and inspired to live with abundant joy and hope as I share my life/my family’s life journey founded on Faith and God’s great LOVE for the whole world.   May you gladly receive from God an abundance of Heart Gifts of HOPE with JOY.


Joy (aka “Bea” Joy Christianna Baldoz)