A “BIRTH” Day Celebration with Heart Gifts of HOPE!

IMG_8098 IMG_8108IMG_8090IMG_8107 Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be. ”  Psalm 139: 16 NIV

God is the most wonderful gift giver I must say!  He gives life and breath as gifts to be cherished.  Sometimes He surprises me with gifts I never expected to receive even on my birthday.  And while my family wanted to celebrate on June 3rd another year of my life,   I wanted to celebrate not MY birth, but the “BIRTH” of something special God had just created that day.   I’d love to share a little bit about it with you, and  I encourage you my friend….maybe grab a cup of tea or your favorite refreshing ice-cold beverage, and may you feel uplifted as you read this blog entry.  (By the way, thank you for coming to my blog, as this is my first official blog entry that I started writing immediately after my birthday dinner celebration.  Hoping I am able to post  with a few pictures as soon as possible. I have lots to learn on the technical side of things as a new blogger, but when inspired I will write and post entries.)

My birthday is now just a reflection of a wonderful, blessed, joyous day gone by and I am grateful for having had another birthday to celebrate!  My sweet husband planned a few surprises for me, including dinner at one of my favorite local Japanese restaurants (Sumo in Newbury Park, CA)…but little did he know that I had a “BIRTH” day surprise announcement that I was excited to share with him!

With colorful mylar balloons in one hand and a card in his other hand, Ed gave me a great big hug while I said, “Today, you might think we are celebrating MY birthday, but today my heart celebrates something new that God birthed just today!”  My husband had a curious, but unsure look, sort of like a half-smile on his face, and even put his hand on my belly (LOL!).  With that gesture I said, “Don’t be silly! Not that kind of surprise! I’ll tell you at dinner!”   On the way to Sumo, I was still laughing in the car, thinking how BIG of a surprise that would be for me if I was actually pregnant at MY age—just say my late 40’s!  (By the way, I’ll make it clear, I am not pregnant.)

I was all smiles as we ordered food, and my husband still had no clue what my surprise “BIRTH” day announcement would be.  Both my teen daughters knew why I was all smiles, and well …I really wanted to be the one to share the news with Ed,  but when Hannah, my youngest said a prayer to give thanks for food that would soon be brought to our table, Hannah ended prayer grace with “and Thank you God for my mom’s new blog.”  My innocent teen, quickly  blurted out “Oops! Uh…Amen!”  My husband smiled, and then I looked at him and said, “You have nooooo idea what I went through today to have a blog set up with customized domain name through WordPress! But YAY! Thanking God it was finally birthed today:  heartgiftsofHOPE.com !”  Ed shared a hug of congratulations and said “Happy ‘BIRTH’ day!”

It wasn’t an easy birthing process to set up this blog.  Probably more difficult for me personally because I’m not computer or tech savvy.  To me, it was almost like birthing a baby—with lots of pains throughout the day as I spoke to several “tech support” experts. (I call them “Tech Doctors”)  I just couldn’t understand all the computer lingo! Hannah witnessed the birthing process and she knew I just wanted “my baby” (my blog) and the least possible pain to have it.  (Unfortunately, the “Tech Doctors” from WordPress, GoDaddy and Google had no epidural for me! LOL!)

But in the end because of the God I know, serve and love,  and because of promises from Him that He will equip me/provide for me everything I will ever need to accomplish the work (the labor) He has for me to do, I know He helped me birth this website/blog heartgiftsofHOPE.com for His purposes.  I can do nothing and have nothing without Him! What a joy this is for me—this “new baby”!   To finally have this blog and my first blog entry for His glory—it’s exciting!  This blog exists because of God’s own loving desire to have me share His very own Heart Gifts of HOPE with the world.  I am simply a mom, called to be an ambassador of Good News.  I am called to share HOPE with JOY.  I am  called to share LIGHT  and LOVE.  God sovereignly orchestrated  June 3rd,  for the birthing of my blog (the official “technical” set up of this site).  His orchestration of this special birth is part of every one of the days that His Word says that He ordained for me.

I look forward to encouraging as many people as He would have me reach with HOPE and JOY that He gives me (despite even sometimes being in the midst of the most difficult circumstances I face or have faced.).   You must know that my life is not/has not always been a piece of birthday cake, red roses,  and colorful mylar balloons!  But I do have HOPE and JOY in my heart that no one can steal from me because of God’s heart gifts of HOPE He grants me daily through His Living Promises, His Word to me.  In this blog, may you be touched and inspired to live with abundant joy and hope as I share my life/my family’s life journey founded on Faith and God’s great LOVE for the whole world.   May you gladly receive from God an abundance of Heart Gifts of HOPE with JOY.


Joy (aka “Bea” Joy Christianna Baldoz)            


5 thoughts on “A “BIRTH” Day Celebration with Heart Gifts of HOPE!

  1. Kelli Toy

    Dear Miss Joy, I am so very proud of you for stepping out in faith and allowing God to orchestrate this outpouring of your love to your community and to the world. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your first post and more importantly, I want you to know that it has achieved for me what you intended…inspiration. To see you persevere through all of the “birth” pains of the tech issues and just getting this set up demonstrates that you are truly being God’s hands and feet. Where God calls, he equips and you have shared that faith-building experience. For that, I am truly thankful! Actually, I am also entering a new direction for my life…a direction I feel God telling me to move. At 47 years young, I have decided that I want to be God’s hands and feet in my world and at my current career, I did not feel I was fulfilling that. I’ve always felt that God wanted me to help people, face to face. Not just help someone cross the street or share a smile (I do that all the time anyway :-). No, I needed to do something different…I am applying to nursing school! What a challenge it will be, but God is teaching me that there are no mountains too big to cross when He has my hand and is leading me. So I told you all of that to tell you that reading your blog just now encourages and inspires me to keep reaching for God’s dream for me, to be aware that no challenge in this new quest will be so big that it cannot be overcome.

    So in summary, I just want to thank you for stepping out and showing me that sometimes you have to navigate hills and curves and valleys, but when you stay focused on the light on the horizon you experience an energy that sustains you and gives you the drive to keep going. I love you dear sister and I cannot wait to read your next blog!

    1. beajoychristiana Post author

      Hi Sweet Kelli! Thanks for your comments and sharing such sweet support for my blog that is all for HIM who calls me to do His work of sharing HOPE with the world. I am glad God used what I wrote to inspire you. You too have inspired me truly and the inspiration to not give up on what God has called me to do. I will always remember you as my Sister in Christ who encouraged me personally when we first met and through your handwritten note “write a blog- and I’ll be your first follower!” (It truly was a blessing/a heart gift from God to meet you in North Carolina at the Billy Graham Training Center last March!) I am so excited Kelli to hear of the new calling God has for you and that you are enrolling for nursing school! I just got the good kind of chills right now knowing that God has great plans for you and He will bless you as you seek to please Him in this new calling! I will be praying for you as you step out in faith! You are going to be a great nurse!
      God bless you Kelli! XOXO, “Bea” Joy

      1. ATW

        congratulations on your new nursing journey Kelli! Reading your share put a smile on my face! I love hearing others following their dreams and taking chances. I did the same about 2 yrs ago and am so blessed to be helping others face to face.

        Joy has shared what a special person you are. All my best to you!!

  2. ATW

    Congratulations on your new blog joy!! I am so extremely proud of and happy for you as you follow your heart and take the steps to fulfill your dreams! You inspire me on my journey and I know that will be the case for many, many others!!! I totally understand how the birth of your blog was a gift to yourself on your precious birthday!! It’s so easy to give to others, as you do so easily but to take the time to give to ourselves, not always so easy….It totally warms my heart! May all good things come from each and every blog….. Love you…..in a thoughtful way!! Jo

    1. beajoychristiana Post author

      Hi Jo! Thx so much for your well wishes and support of “my baby” (my blog). I am so thankful God helped me in the birthing process and that he helped me step by step so that I could receive this gift. It’s my heart’s desire to share this gift with the world. I couldn’t have set up this blog without HIM leading the way for me and providing the “know how” when I didn’t know how:) God is wonderful! I love HIM!
      XO, “Bea” Joy


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