Christmas in July! Better Yet…Christmas 365 Days a Year!

Enjoy a "Christmas in July" Christmas Card as we Celebrate Christmas 365 Days a Year with Faith, Hope, Love & Family

Enjoy a “Christmas in July” Christmas Card as we Celebrate Christmas 365 Days a Year with Faith, Hope, Love & Family

Cookies for Christmas 365 Days a Year (although these cookies are eaten in two days LOL!)

Cookies for Christmas 365 Days a Year (although these cookies are eaten in two days LOL!)

A Christmas "JOY" Cookie Heart ready to be wrapped and tied with curling ribbon!

A Christmas “JOY” Cookie Heart ready to be wrapped and tied with curling ribbon!

I’ve always wanted to celebrate “Christmas in July” and yet another July has flown by! (Seems very much like how the month of December whizzes by when celebrating the holidays in winter.) There’s a part of me that has wanted to celebrate Christmas during summer, just as those in Australia do, but not just because I still long, with a huge laugh, to get Christmas cards mailed out early (or at least on time)…but simply because Christmas truly is my favorite celebration. Everything about the meaning and celebration of Christmas warms my heart.

The summer heat is up, air conditioning is turned high, and families who’ve actually taken time to celebrate “Christmas in July” have likely expressed their yearning for not only cooler weather, but have likely fulfilled their desires to gather with friends and loved ones. They’ve also likely enjoyed festive foods, and have embraced all that brings joy into their lives— maybe they’ve even sung a carol or two for making merry-hearted fun. That’s what I’d do for a “Christmas in July” celebration. Sing and make a joyful noise singing “Joy to the World!” and of course “Jingle Bells!”

What I really love about Christmas, whether it’s celebrated in December or July, is the excitement that builds up to what we all know as “the night before Christmas” kind of feelings— that sense of knowing there are surprises ahead, but you can’t find out or know what kind of surprises until Christmas morning arrives. For kids, it’s that feeling of wonder—an excited anticipation and longing to know what special gift(s) they will find the next morning sitting under the tree.  Around the world, as Christmas morning finally arrives and celebrations take place honoring the true meaning of Christmas, Believers joyously celebrate the gift of HOPE given to all of mankind from God’s very own heart—the gift of His Son Jesus, the Savior of the world, born the very first Christmas morning in Bethlehem.

I recently came across a Scripture verse that expresses the feelings I hold in my heart each night as I go to bed, and every morning as I awake—feelings similar to those “night before Christmas” feelings of eager anticipation:

“My soul yearns for you in the night; in the morning my spirit longs for you.”
Isaiah 26:9a

When I read that verse, I said “Yes! That’s exactly how I feel!” It’s this longing of my heart that I can hardly wait to wake up and seek treasures to behold from within God’s Word and in time spent with Him.

In my journey of faith, walking day-by-day with my intimate, personal friend, and Savior, Jesus, I have come to this decision in the deepest parts of my heart that I am not limited to celebrating Christmas just in December and July. Christ is alive and reigns so fully and powerfully in my heart that I am free to joyously celebrate Him—the gift that He is to me—every day of the year, 365 days of the year to be exact, and share Him as the gift that He is meant to be for the whole world. To go out into the world and make Him known is no joke—it’s an urgent mission upon my heart that I won’t take for granted as I eagerly anticipate His return to earth. To share my dear friend Jesus with those who don’t yet know Him personally is a privilege because I’m introducing my dearest, my most loyal, trustworthy, loving, faithful friend. It’s what I am called to do so that many more souls can enjoy Him personally, just as I do, in all the goodness of God now and into eternity.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16 NIV

Dear God,
Just like that exciting feeling of “the night before Christmas” I have longed for you in the night, and even as I awake. You are the gift, the treasure I seek each new day. I can hardly wait for what you want to share with me, and teach me—through your Word, through gentle whispers, through people you place in my path, and through creation as I enjoy all you’ve made. I open my heart and my hands to receive the abundant blessings you are longing to pour out over me and my family 365 days of the year even in the days that are challenging. I thank you for each new day to walk and talk with you, to trust your promises made to me, to know you more intimately, and to see You all around me in all the ways You choose to whisper Your great love for me as we fellowship together. I wish for and want the whole world to know you, Jesus, because Dear God, you mean everything and are everything to me! I love You! And for my brothers and sisters-in-Christ who already trust in you and know you, may you use me to encourage and inspire them to seek you even more passionately and to know you more deeply in ways they’ve never experienced you before.
My Whole Heart is Yours,
Your “Bea” Joy  

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I’m praying that would God bless you! May you behold the treasure and the gift that Jesus is meant to be in your life because God truly loves you. Join me in boldly proclaiming the Good News of HOPE found in Jesus! Feel free to share the link to my blog with those you know who might need an encouraging word of HOPE, some inspiration or a little joy in their life:
Merry Christmas 365 days of the year! Joy to the World! The Lord has come! Let Earth Receive Her King!    Love to you  from “Bea” Joy Christianna Baldoz

2 thoughts on “Christmas in July! Better Yet…Christmas 365 Days a Year!

  1. Andrew Workman

    Thank you joy for the beautifull words of encouragment here in this post. Merry Christmas and may YHWY Elohim bless you and your family this upcoming New Year.

    I hope you found my advice on the Messianic Tallit prayer shawl helpful.

    -Andrew Workman
    Christ Covenant Messianic Chapel Ministries

    1. beajoychristiana Post author

      Thank you Andrew for your comment on my post. And I did find your advice very helpful regarding the Tallit prayer shawl I saw on
      Yes may YHWY Elohim bless you and your family as well!
      Yeshua (Jesus) is the Light of the World!


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